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This is the shocking moment a driver used his 4×4 truck to shove a burning car away from a flame engulfed petrol court in Saudi Arabia.

Dozens of bystanders watched as the burning car rested precariously on the lot potentially moments from exploding.

Truck – View – Car – Ball – Flames

The white pickup truck can be seen screeching into view and then ramming the car, now a ball of flames, away from the combustible petrol pumps nearby.

In explosive scenes, the truck then reverses at high speed and goes in for a second push, making sure the car is completely away from the pumps.

Onlookers – Arabic – Term – Thanking – Praising

Onlookers, speaking Arabic, shout ‘mashallah’ – an Islamic term thanking or praising God.

After ensuring the burning car is safely off the lot, the 4×4 driver then speeds off while the bystanders praise their…

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