Mock fuel units have been launched by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) in various shopping malls all over UAE so as to train motorists to fill their own fuel tanks.

Very soon, Adnoc will introduce the prototype fuel filling machine to various malls, government departments and offices in UAE, as well.

Sultan Salem Al Jenaibi, vice-president of Abu Dhabi Emirate Retail Sales of Adnoc Distribution said that they teach people how to hold the nozzle, press it for filling fuel and lock it, and release it when the tank is filled. “The objective is to educate people about the self-service at the fuel stations and the shopping malls have been selected for this purpose as a large number of people visit these places. We want people to have an Adnoc wallet and smart tag in their vehicles to pay for fuel in a smooth way.” He also added that if it’s needed they could increase the number of training machines.

Self-service at fuel service stations is to encourage the people, allowing them to fill their own tanks and pay the money, making the whole process efficient.

Nasser Al Hammadi, chief retail officer, expressed pleasure that their customers appear to be embracing the new fuel options as part of Adnoc Flex. “It’s still early days, and we will be rolling Adnoc Flex out to many more stations over the coming months, but the results to date are certainly encouraging. Over the coming days and weeks, our attendants will continue helping customers so they can make an informed decision about which service suits them best.” Source: R S PWKD12072018


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