Consistent with its plans to expand its network to 191 stations in the UAE by end-2020, ENOC Group has opened a new fuel service station in Fujairah, the Al Faseel service station, which will be ENOC’s ninth station in Fujairah.

Equipped with six dispensers with a multimedia option and a fuel system, the new 4,800 m² service station is designed to cater to a maximum flow rate as per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) safety standards. To enable refueling cars from both sides, dispensers are built with retractable hoses, to factor in the waiting time inside the station.

The station has complete LED lights installed at the site to reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent and a VRF technology system for the air conditioning (AC) system, saving 35 per cent energy as compared to conventional package AC systems, and it is also equipped with the Vapour Recovery Systems (VRS) to prevent and control emissions. PWKD11072019


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