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UAE: IGCF explores how to coexist with technology, not let it dominate life – News

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People from technical and non-technical backgrounds gather in an interactive workshop to discuss the impact of the field

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Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 9:46 am

The 11th International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) hosted an interactive workshop called “Brave Conversations” to highlight the growing impact of technology on people’s lives.

Through a series of workshops on its opening day, Brave Conversations explores how people should live with technology and how to make it work for them, rather than letting technology dominate their lives.

“A lot of people think technology is just something we use blindly,” said Leanne Fry, chief innovation officer at AUSTRAC and co-founder of Brave Conversations. “It’s important to identify where technology is in a person’s life by focusing on how people interact with it and teaching them to be mindful of the way they use it.”

People from technical and non-technical backgrounds gather at the IGCF workshop to create a platform for open dialogue on the impact of technology.

Anni Rowland-Campbell, co-founder of the workshop and director of Intersticia, told participants: “It’s not the tech developers who decide the impact they create; it’s the users and the people on the street that feel it.”

Through interactive exercises, participants gain a better understanding of how to control technology and use it according to their needs and interests.

As part of the workshop series, participants also participated in a session entitled “Future World Challenges,” which showcased the challenges of navigating potential future scenarios through technology. During the conference, Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Chair of the UK Artificial Intelligence Council, shared her valuable insights into the World Wide Web and the Internet.

“Our goal is to make people more aware of technology and how it affects them,” Rowland-Campbell explained. “We want to empower them and make them feel that just because a particular app or platform is widely used or popular doesn’t mean you have to be forced to use it. There are other better ways of doing things.”

“Awareness of what participants can do to change their growing reliance on technology allows them to change their daily habits and talk about what they can change and how they can impact the world,” Fry further explained.

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