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UAE: Students discover new crustacean in Abu Dhabi – News

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“I will continue to be passionate about scientific research and discovery in this important area,” said Shamma Eisa Al Neyadi

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photos provided

Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 2:43 pm

Biodiversity and wildlife conservation and development have always been of great concern in the UAE. Shamma Eisa Al Neyadi, a master student in the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, UAE University, discovered a new type of crustacean, Cladocera, in several areas after a field trip to the Shuwaib Dam area in the UAE.

The student worked with a team of researchers and scientists from the UAE University and the International Centre for Scientific Research, most notably the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia.

“The reason[I chose]biology as a major is that I have had a passion for science since I was a child…passion, desire and love for scientific exploration, anatomy and knowledge of the composition of living microorganisms,” explains Al Neyadi.

“The journey of research and study led me to travel to Russia and collaborate with experts and researchers from many countries of the world at the Russian Academy of Sciences research centers there, in this to important areas.”

She added: “It was a great experience, I learned a lot from it and reviewed many international studies and scientific publications in the field. Also, the researchers have high scientific skills in the lab​​​ , through these skills, I was able to learn and transfer knowledge and scientific and technological experience and apply it in the laboratories of the UAE.”

The “camera lucida” is one of the newest devices in the laboratory today. People can use it to transfer what they see under a microscope to paper. The main reason to use it is to transfer a detailed and precise drawing of all the details of an organism under the microscope, in addition it is used as clear scientific evidence in research and scientific fields. It creates more precise drawings than ordinary microscopic images.

Al Neyadi said she chose to study the crustacean cladocerans specifically because of a lack of scientific findings for a number of reasons, including the lack of fresh water bodies, as well as the country’s climate, and lack of research in the field. Freshwater flora and fauna and most research focuses on water salinity or sustainability.

She added: “My vision for the future of this field is that if scientific discoveries continue, we can create a national database for the United Arab Emirates with all crustaceans in the country and study their origins, in addition to The following facts: This field is currently new in the country. It can be transformed from a scientific project to an economic project if maximum attention is given, especially since crustaceans can be safe and sustainable as a fishery project and fish farming Food, as the ocean” Enjoy food in a clean and safe environment. I will continue to be passionate about scientific research and discovery in this important field. “

“I believe that this diversity of land and sea forms an important part of the heritage of the United Arab Emirates and that scientific research and research on cladoceran or crustacean biodiversity is enhanced in freshwater ecosystems on a global scale … However, the animals or especially the crustaceans in some hydrological regions are still unknown.”

“In collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences, we have studied the species richness and composition of Cladocera in the United Arab Emirates, with important results confirming the need for further research on ‘Christac and Cladocerans’ to create a national Arab union The emirate’s database in this important area of ​​research and science.”

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