Airlines have chosen different ways to bring digital development into their organizations with some creating chief digital or innovation officer roles and others opting for customer experience bosses.

Emirates seems to have taken a different path with its senior vice president of corporate communications, marketing and brand Alex Knigge, who joined the airline at the beginning of 2019.

At the World Aviation Festival 2019 in London, PhocusWire interviewed Knigge who explained that his role is focused on digital marketing and the user experience within different channels.

Knigge discussed current priorities which is tracking customer behavior, finding opportunities to engage more deeply with them and matching expectations.

He also spoke about the ongoing challenges of the shift to mobile and the lower conversion rates. 

While the airline has adapted well in terms of the experience on mobile channels, he said, finding how to get the return on investment is hard.

PhocusWire @ WAF 2019 – Emirates on priorities and challenges for an airline’s digital strategy

World Aviation Festival 2019

We interviewed execs from across the aviation landscape, including airlines, manufacturers and tech vendors.


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