VIMANA unveiled its project for the first time at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

24-25th October 2017, Dubai: VIMANA Autonomous Aerial Vechicle (,  manufacturer of the first blockchain-based, true vertical to horizontal transition mode Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, presented its innovative project at the World Blockchain Summit ( which was held 24-25th October in The Address Dubai Mall.

More than 200 top blockchain experts, business leaders, and emerging startups all around the world showcased their projects and shared inspirational thought-provoking ideas in the Address Dubai Mall, the world class premium hotel which is known as the hearth of Dubai.

“The World Blockchain Summit was incredibly exciting, we got to met a lot of amazing startups and, of course, got a chance to present the VIMANA. Glad to see that VIMANA attracted a great deal of interest, we got lots of good feedback”, – says Evgeni Borisov, CEO and Founder VIMANA. Right after the World Blockchain Summit Evgeni flew to Singapore to present his VIMANA project to investors.

During the event, negotiations with Lon Wong, President of Foundation Ltd ( were held and VIMANA and NEM agreed to cooperate. The blockchain solution(VMX), based on NEM will not only enable communications and control between the vehicles, but will also be open and extended to other operators who wish to fly their own aerial systems, and to passengers  for payments, booking and so on.

“It’s a dawn of a new era with the modern version of the Vimana. We are working to make this a NEM project”, – says Long Wong.

“We are proud to cooperate with NEM because it`s one of the most advanced and standard blockchain-platforms in the world. We believe that this cooperation will allow us to satisfy faster and more efficiently the need of smart cities around the globe to enact better transportation systems for rapidly expanding populations”, says Borisov.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Singapore with members across the globe. The Foundation is dedicated to the ongoing development of NEM blockchain technology and the promotion of a vibrant ecosystem of NEM users and developers in governments, academia, industry, and the public at large.

For the additional info please contact Vernon Saldanha:

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