Wella speaks the universal language of beauty in a collection that celebrates the splendor of color and showcases the innovation of new Koleston Perfect ME+.

Last December, Rossano Ferretti, the global ambassador for Wella Koleston Perfect, and a salon owner with 23 locations around the world including Dubai, Madrid, Miami and New York City, was traveling from Monaco to Parma by car, and he was stuck in traffic. Instead of griping, he was in a glorious mood during a conversation about this new collection of images, and obviously thrilled with the process and the finished results.

“This shoot took place in the most beautiful spot, in Taormina, in Sicily,” he says. “We were there for two days and I chose this location because I wanted to represent ‘la dolce vita’ (the sweet life) and the Italian lifestyle; the brightness, the atmosphere, and the strong cultural imprint that emerges from the landscapes and the nature of Taormina. These all echo the natural beauty that I wish to highlight. And because we at Wella are here to liberate beauty and respect diversity, we also wanted to show different looks and ethnicities with our models.”

A new hair color launch from Wella Koleston Perfect with ME+ technology was used on every model and its unique formulation is in line with Ferretti’s individual approach to each client. According to Wella, the use of ME+ color means a client is 60 times less likely to develop a new allergy to hair color so it takes into account people’s increasing desire for a healthier road to real beauty.

“Before doing anything, I spent a long time in consultation with each model because consultation is the key moment of the real beauty journey,” Ferretti says. “I talked to them about the quality of the hair color and got their permission to move through the steps needed to arrive at their complete look. Many clients go into salons today and they feel like a number. As hairdressers, we must go back to the art of the consultation so we can create a unique, personalized journey for each client.”


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