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Writers: Reading brings balance and improves mental health

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Female writers and writers reviewed the importance of language and reading in achieving balance and psychological recovery for the reader and writer alike, noting that difficult times always pass on the writer and others, and reading can treat him, so that he succeeds through it in getting rid of stress and obtaining healing and balance through the sustainable reading journey.

This came during a session within the activities of the 13th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, titled “Challenges”, moderated by Iman bin Shaybah, and attended by British writer Yasmine Rahman, Iraqi doctor and writer Sundus Al-Ajram, and American children’s story author Tracy Todd.

Tracy Todd spoke about the mental balance of the creator through her experience as a publisher and writer for children, and advised reading inspirational biographies because they answer many of the questions that may arise for the writer, noting that she is grateful to be a writer, and that her relationship with books makes her permanently connected with words, and from here comes The role of language in achieving balance and psychological recovery for the writer, who gets tired during the moment of creativity and achieves balance for his soul at the same time.

Dr. Sundus Al-Ajram pointed out that children are affected by books more than adults, and that authors should take this into consideration, and the mother should read books before her children to know whether they suit her children’s orientation, age group and culture, and with regard to the creative devotee to write, explaining that writing for It has an activity that cannot overshadow the rest of the tasks and hobbies that it maintains, because writing always has its time, which does not conflict with other activities in the life of the creator.

As for the British writer, Yasmine Rahman, she talked about her experience in writing and writing, which she believes has achieved balance, explaining that her mother was a public librarian in a school, and that she learned from her experience that there is always a suitable book to read, and that going to the library is sometimes the solution because we We find what we are looking for.


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