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Yoga for Humanity .. a global party in Dubai

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“International Yoga Day” .. an event that attracts thousands annually and Dubai is at the forefront of the cities of the world celebrating it, and it is held today under the slogan “Yoga for Humanity”, and includes huge activities only for women, in 4 halls in Dubai World Trade Center.

Participation in the event is free for all nationalities and ages, starting from 10 years and over, and it is the eighth time in a row that the High Day of Yoga has been celebrated in Dubai.

The celebrations started from Danat al-Dunya in 2015, with the participation of 13,000 participants, and the number reached more than 20,000 people of different nationalities and ages in the following years, and Yogrishi Ramdev, the world-renowned yoga teacher, participated in it.

The events are organized by the “FOI” Events Company, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council and the Indian Consulate General in Dubai, and start from five in the afternoon to seven in the evening with the participation of professional yoga teachers from “Art” of Living “, which specializes in the humanitarian and educational field, and Dr. Haifa Mohammed, who specializes in yoga and psychotherapy, and the events are expected to witness the participation of thousands of different nationalities and ages from within and outside the UAE, and all facilities will be provided to available to participants.



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