Home News مدينة إكسبو دبي تستقبل زورة في “تيرّا” و “ألِف” و”حديقة الثُرَيَّا” في 1 September

مدينة إكسبو دبي تستقبل زورة في “تيرّا” و “ألِف” و”حديقة الثُرَيَّا” في 1 September

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Dubai Expo City has announced the start of welcoming visitors in three of its distinctive areas: “Al-F” Jinnah Mobility, “Thira” Jinnah Al-Estdamah, and Al-Hadiq Al-Thursi’a Park, as of next Thursday (September 1, 2022), as part of the city’s readiness to welcome visitors in Many of the distinctive features on the first of October, to connect with Expo 2020 Dubai in the inspiration of future generations.

Tīrā – jinnah al-estdāmā presents a world-class model for the highest standards and sustainable practices in the field of design and architecture, and encourages visitors to re-evaluate their relationship with the environment on an immersive trip to the ocean floor and deep forests. While we will move visitors through time and into the future to discover the pivotal role of movement in the path of human progress, how each of us has a role in making the future better through our choices.

The price of the entry ticket for each jinnah is 50 dirhams, and 30 dirhams for Al-Tharia Garden, and the tickets will be available for purchase online at https://www.expocitydubai.com/en, It will also be available at four ticket sales outlets distributed within the Dubai Expo City as of September 1. And it will be free of charge for the people of the world and for the children who reach the age of 12 years or less. And it will open its doors every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. while opening the 55-meter-high al-Tharya Garden and offering a panoramic view of the city from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. سباحاً إلى سفية مسامً.

It is expected that other museums will be opened that were very popular at Expo 2020 Dubai – including the arrivals square, the vision wing, the women’s wing, the royal waterfalls and the children’s play areas – in October next year. And later in the year, the chancellery will be transformed into the Museum of Expo 2020 Dubai to be a new addition to highlight the history of Expo International and its impact, and celebrate the success of the international event.

مدينة إكسبو دبي also looks forward to the return of the students of the schools, where they prepared the program EXBO للمدارس www.schools.expocitydubai.com An interesting and inspiring group of educational experiences and exhibitions and interactive work in the pavilions of the Expo City and designed to provide a rich educational and entertainment experience centered around the themes of the pavilions.

Entrance to Dubai Expo City is free and a large part of the public spaces will be open for picnics without any fees. And the visitors can use the services available such as the cars, the train, the express delivery, the electric scooter, and the electric bikes.

Dubai Expo City is easily accessible by metro, taxi and private cars, and parking spaces are available, including parking spaces reserved for the elderly, in the Al-Fursan, Jubilee, Mobility and Maintenance areas, and you can find more detailed information about parking spaces as of September 1

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