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مريم الحمادي: العمرائية تعلي قيم التكافل الحسوني

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said Maryam Al-Hammadi, director of the Al-Qalb Al-Kabir Foundation, on the occasion of the International Day of Humanitarian Action «Not a moment goes by without there being people somewhere around the world who make strenuous efforts and acts of courage worthy of appreciation, with the aim of helping refugees and the needy and saving the lives of many, those tremendous efforts were able That you stand in the face of major crises such as conflicts, climate change, and the epidemic of the virus “Covid-19”, hunger, asylum, and forced labor, and leave a unique mark on it.

“I would like to confirm on the International Day of Humanitarian Action 2022, the commitment of the emirate of Sharjah, and the United Arab Emirates, with the help of millions of women, men and children, based on our strong culture to raise the values ​​of human solidarity and charity as a renewed heritage in us, and the Great Heart Foundation pays tribute to the heroes. The relief efforts, and the workers in the field of humanitarian aid, and the members of the civil society, who work tirelessly amid challenges that have not been met, away from the spotlight to alleviate the suffering of those in need and restore hope to their lives.
And I concluded by saying “Achieving sustainable positive change in humanitarian action requires a significant increase in effort in #يد_واحدة_لا_تصفق, and today the urgent need to increase humanitarian action is more pressing than ever before, where small actions and large contributions help to build a better future for refugees and displaced people around the world, so ”


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