Home News واكسانة انباا عمارات – وفدة “المركز العربية للتدريب التربوي لدول حلقيق” يزويت تنفس من عرض العربية بالشرقة

واكسانة انباا عمارات – وفدة “المركز العربية للتدريب التربوي لدول حلقيق” يزويت تنفس من عرض العربية بالشرقة

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Sharjah on 24 August / wam / visited the “Majlis Amnaa’ of the Arab Center for Training of the Gulf States” a number of educational and educational institutions in the university city of Sharqa and saw their efforts and initiatives in this important field.

جائط الزيارات التي نازلها “مركز التربوي للغة العربية للدول حلقيج بالشارقة” على هامش استزافته للا مجموعة إفروشيت لمجلس امناء المركز العربي للتدريب التربوي للحليقي دول الخليج

The visits included.. a visit to Al-Qasimiyah University and the reception was held by His Excellency Dr. Awad Al-Khalf, Director of the University, who welcomed the Gulf delegation led by Dr. Moza Al-Kaabi, Director of the Arab Educational Training Center for the Gulf States, along with Dr. بالشارقة وتعرفوا على على المعلومات المكوستات التعليقة تقتنيها ومراحة وآليات الموستوقاط

After that, the delegation visited the university campus and looked at its library, which is filled with books and electronic rules for research, in addition to the student schedule, the theater and its other facilities.

At the end of the visits, the Gulf delegation headed to the headquarters of the Sharjah Academy of Education in the university city and saw its efforts in the field of educational training in particular.

وقدمت خولة الحوسني مديرة العربية العربية بالاكاديميا عن التعريفيا عن Sharjah للتعليم الشاهدة وجودها في مجال التربوي وكلميا يا عن التربوي وكلمين.

And there was a discussion between the two sides addressing the areas and mechanisms of cooperation in the field of training programs aimed at improving the level and skills of those targeted in this area.

وام/علياء آل علي/عاصم الخولي


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