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2024 Worldwide WATERBOMB, Y2K Rinsing Star 82MAJOR – The Source

by Dubaiforum

Korea’s WATERBOMB has emerged as a viral phenomenon in recent years, igniting a firestorm of excitement and energy as it serves as a stage for K-pop and K-hip hop artists alike. What started as a local sensation has now transformed into a global festival, attracting fans from all corners of the world and giving birth to new WATERBOMB MVP rookies each year. Among the rising stars set to shine at the 2024 WATERBOMB festival is the sensational group, 82MAJOR.

Hitting the scene last October with a strong focus on the hip-hop genre, 82MAJOR quickly captured the public’s attention even before their official debut through their collaborations with RAREHOUSE. Their hip-hop style, skills, and talents as artists have been on full display, setting the stage for their explosive debut. The release of their debut track, “FIRST CLASS,” garnered an impressive 4.29 million views, signaling a bold and promising start to their career.

82MAJOR’s recent hip-hop album, ‘BEAT by 82,’ which dropped on April 29, features the track “Choke,” a song that has been creating waves in the industry. With its unique ratchet sound and addictive chorus, “Choke” presents a new paradigm of 5th-generation K-pop idols, showcasing 82MAJOR’s innovation and creativity in the music scene.

Amidst the global Y2K craze that has taken the music world by storm, 82MAJOR has been adding fuel to the fire with their electrifying performances at WATERBOMB festivals in Hong Kong and Dubai. Their special rendition of Korean female singer Lee Hyori’s debut song “10 Minutes” drew thunderous applause and support from the audience, solidifying their status as crowd favorites.

In their final performance at WATERBOMB, 82MAJOR wowed the audience with a hip-hop remix of Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes,” showcasing their trendsetting musical sensibilities and unique interpretation of the iconic song. The performance left the crowd in awe and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the release of 82MAJOR’s “10 Minutes” track as both a live performance and a digital release.

As 82MAJOR continues to rise as a star at WATERBOMB, their future endeavors and upcoming releases are highly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike. With their infectious energy, captivating performances, and innovative music style, 82MAJOR is set to make a lasting impact on the K-pop and hip-hop scenes, solidifying their status as one of the industry’s rising stars.

Stay tuned for more updates on 82MAJOR’s journey and their upcoming projects as they continue to set the stage on fire at WATERBOMB and beyond.

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