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2025 Marks 100th Anniversary of Emirati Poet Sultan Al Owais

by Dubaiforum

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is gearing up for a year-long celebration in 2025 to commemorate the centenary of esteemed Emirati poet Sultan Al Owais. Known as a stalwart figure in Emirati literature, Al Owais’s profound verses have resonated with readers of all ages. The upcoming program is set to offer a diverse array of cultural events and activities that not only honor his legacy but also introduce his works to a new generation of enthusiasts.

Organized by the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, the celebratory program will encompass various initiatives. Art exhibitions focusing on the themes and influences that shaped Al Owais’s poetry are in the works. These exhibitions will provide a platform for both seasoned and emerging Emirati artists to interpret Al Owais’s works through their unique creative perspectives.

Moreover, documentary films shedding light on Al Owais’s life and literary contributions will be a central feature of the program. These documentaries aim to delve into the poet’s personal journey and creative process, offering the audience a deeper understanding and appreciation of his work.

To engage younger audiences, illustrated children’s books featuring captivating visuals alongside excerpts from Al Owais’s poems are being developed. Additionally, educational workshops and school programs will be rolled out to acquaint students with Al Owais’s literary prowess.

The program will also include a series of poetry recitation evenings, where renowned Emirati and Arab reciters will bring Al Owais’s verses to life, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the power and beauty of his language. Embracing the UAE’s tradition of storytelling, traditional storytellers known as hakawatis will perform special pieces inspired by Al Owais’s poems, adding a new dimension to the poet’s work.

In a nod to this significant occasion, special stamps and commemorative coins featuring Al Owais’s likeness are on the agenda. These collector’s items will serve as a timeless tribute to the enduring legacy of the poet.

The year-long celebration stands as a testament to the UAE’s dedication to preserving its rich cultural heritage and championing Emirati literature on a global platform. By introducing Al Owais’s impactful verses to a broader audience, the program aims to ignite inspiration in future generations of poets and readers alike.

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