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3 days of reading therapy

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Over the course of three days, the Emirates Council on Books for Young People held a workshop entitled “Therapeutic Reading”, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Libraries, with the aim of providing authors and publishers with the knowledge and skills needed to hire authors and reading as a therapeutic method that helps to strengthen psychological and mental balance and improve children’s mental health.

On the first day, the workshop, which was held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Complex and moderated by library therapist Ella Berthoud, presented an introduction to the history and concept of library therapy, the mechanisms of its development and empowerment in the world of literature, and its future directions. While the second day dealt with the most prominent different methods and tools in the field of reading therapy, and their mechanisms of action in a way that ensures the achievement of the best possible results, before the third day ended with highlighting many titles and literary and intellectual productions, such as .a. suitable for treating various problems and disorders, and creating a state of psychological and mental balance.

During the workshop, Berthoud emphasized that reading therapy is performed according to researched and specialized methods that follow specific steps to achieve the greatest possible benefit. Several examples were presented, in addition to allowing participants to apply this type of treatment in practice during the workshop activities, to feel the extent of its effectiveness and the extent of its effect, in addition to experimenting with different mechanisms and models to achieve the desired Goal.

She said that “reading therapy is rare in the Middle East and it needs to be shed more light on it to increase its presence among different age groups due to its amazing results over time and I was very happy when I saw the size of it interaction, the participants and participants in the workshop show and their passion for exploring this unique and influential method of treatment, in addition to their ambition to increase their knowledge of the new ideas discussed during the workshop, which are suitable for use with everyone, whether it is children, adolescents or adults, and to achieve results that exceed expectations, which contributes to the treatment of many disorders and problems of all kinds. “

Mentally healthy generation

• The reading therapist, Ella Berthoud, said that the therapeutic reading workshop deals with an important topic and increases the knowledge of authors and publishers about it, which would open horizons for new ideas for books that help educate a generation that benefits from a good mental health, which enables them to create a prosperous future for themselves and their communities.

Ella Berthoud:

• “Reading therapy needs to shed more light on it in order to increase its presence among different age groups in the Middle East.”

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