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“40 activities organized by House of Wisdom draw 8,000 visitors in the UAE”

by Dubaiforum

The House of Wisdom (HoW) recently marked the holy month of Ramzan with its annual Ramadaniyat event, which featured a wide array of cultural and creative activities that attracted over 8,000 visitors. The event included workshops, exhibitions, and Ramzan evenings, transforming HoW’s courtyards into vibrant spaces reflecting the cultural richness of the Emirate.

In response to overwhelming public demand and interest in the diverse activities, HoW has decided to extend the Ramadaniyat event until April 14th. This extension will give more visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique cultural and creative experiences that have captivated audiences.

One standout event during the festivities was the “Tapestry of Culture,” which offered interactive workshops such as the Ancient Egyptian Decoupage workshop and the ‘Looming’ workshop, adding a heritage dimension to handicrafts. The “Wisdom Tales” event, held in collaboration with the UAE Board on Books for Young People and the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, provided interactive sessions where visitors could engage with Emirati heritage-inspired narratives.

The Ramadaniyat event also marked the opening of the ‘Chapters of Islamic Art: Carpets’ exhibition, which will run until the end of May. This exhibition explores the cultural and historical significance of carpets, textiles, and the art of weaving in the Islamic world. Featuring illuminated manuscripts and books on Islamic art from Dr. Richard Ettinghausen’s private library, the exhibition also offered creative workshops where attendees could learn about the art and craft miniature models of artworks.

Marwa Al Aqroubi, Executive Director of HoW, expressed her thoughts on the event, stating, “The events held during the holy month of Ramadan showcased the cultural diversity in Sharjah. These events served as a platform for preserving heritage, promoting cultural awareness, and providing a space for contemplation and creativity.” Al Aqroubi emphasized HoW’s commitment to highlighting Arab and Islamic civilization and reinforcing Sharjah’s reputation as a cultural hub in the UAE and beyond.

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