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54% of UAE Service Institutions Use “Artificial Intelligence”

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6 October 2022

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Customer service is witnessing a fundamental change in the nature of the role and the strategies and tactics followed due to factors including the rise in customer expectations, the shift to digital interaction and the uncertainty and volatility surrounding the economic landscape.
Salesforce conducted a research study in an attempt to shed light on the reasons – and how – for this development, which included more than eight thousand customer service specialists, spread over 36 countries, as part of the fifth edition of its State of Service report.
58% of organizations indicated that they used at least one example of process and workflow automation. Furthermore, 45% of service organizations rely on AI technologies – the technology often used to drive automation processes – representing an increase of around 88% since 2020, when the percentage of organizations using artificial intelligence not only exceeded 24 %. In the United Arab Emirates, 54% of service organizations use artificial intelligence techniques, while 70% of them use automation.
The adoption of video-enabled solutions has seen the biggest jump in demand levels across channels, notably with 43% of organizations offering them in 2022 compared to 2020. The use of online forums and discussion boards – where customers can interact with their peers for advice and consulting – evidence of Particularly high demand in the past two years was the case with the adoption of mobile applications. The percentage of organizations using video support in the UAE was around 71% compared to a global average of 66%.
increasing demand
And 81% of service decision makers in the UAE believed that field service has become critical to expanding business compared to the global average of 86%, while 88% of service decision makers in the UAE see significant returns on service investment compared to the global average of 84%.
“This report reveals fundamental changes in customer behavior and changes in service expectations,” said Thierry Nicole, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Salesforce. Consumer expectations in the markets of the UAE and around the world are becoming increasingly high today, and the demand seems to be greater for faster and more seamless solutions. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations have a comprehensive view of interactions with these customers and in turn adopt automation options to meet these demands while ensuring increased levels of efficiency. This seems to be a necessary requirement in view of the current conditions which are witnessing economic swings in the opposite direction, placing greater emphasis on increasing returns on investments to the maximum.”



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