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‘7.1tn of plastic & aluminum recycled by employees in 14 months’

by Dubaiforum

Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has made significant strides in recycling efforts, with over 499,541 plastic bottles and aluminum cans recycled by its staff members between October 2022 and the end of December 2023. This initiative has effectively removed 7,108 kg of garbage from landfills, showcasing DEWA’s commitment to sustainability.

DEWA has implemented intelligent recycling devices for aluminum cans and plastic bottles in some of its buildings, which can be operated through the employees’ Smart Office app. By scanning the QR code on the app, employees earn points for each recycling operation, allowing them to participate in a raffle draw for monthly rewards. In recognition of their efforts, 49 employees were honored by DEWA by the end of 2023.

To further promote responsible and sustainable living, DEWA organized 13 awareness events for staff members. These events focused on implementing sustainable practices both at home and at work, enhancing water and electricity efficiency, reducing waste, minimizing plastic consumption, and promoting the recycling and reusing of plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

DEWA’s proactive approach towards sustainability and environmental conservation sets a positive example for other organizations and individuals to follow, highlighting the importance of incorporating eco-friendly practices into daily routines.

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