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7,000 patients visit rheumatology clinics annually

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Dr. Nora Ali Zamani, Consultant and Head of Rheumatology Department at Dubai Hospital, confirmed that the department is the first of its kind in the Emirate of Dubai and the country in general.

She pointed to the opening of 4 joint clinics, including a general and specialized rheumatology clinic, such as the early arthritis clinic, the rheumatology clinic with obstetrics and gynecology and the kidney rheumatology clinic, the first of its kind at the state level.

Dr. Nora Zamani told Al-Bayan that there are 30 clinics per week after the opening of the new building, with an increase of 12 clinics.

Points out that these clinics are a qualitative leap in the health services provided by the emirate, as they are joint clinics where there are doctors from other specialties together with a rheumatologist to develop a treatment plan for the patients.

She stated that the waiting time for patients in the early detection clinic, who are referred from outpatient clinics or other clinics, was reduced from two months to one week, while emergency cases were examined the same day in the emergency department.

3 clinics

She added: There are also 3 ultrasound clinics where the first diagnosis of the patient is made, noting that rheumatic diseases are not yet known and affecting all ages, noting that the UAE has provided the latest types of medicine identical to the same. medicines dispensed to patients in developed countries.

She also pointed out that the rheumatology department at Dubai Hospital leads the rheumatology department at the Emirates Medical Association and we have a monthly meeting of all rheumatologists to discuss the latest treatment methods and the latest research and studies, in addition to an annual international meeting. conference where the most famous international doctors are invited and discuss dozens of scientific articles.

She explained: The department will launch the rheumatology fellowship program at the beginning of next year 2023 in collaboration with the Saudi Agency.

environmental factors

Dr. Nora Zamani said: The cause of arthritis is still unknown, but experts believe that rheumatic diseases are caused by a group of genes and environmental factors. In general, some genetic variants increase a person’s susceptibility to these diseases, and environmental factors can lead to the onset of the disease.

It can be due to a defect in the immune system, or due to infection with one of the virus types. Women are more susceptible to arthritis than men, and the age that develops this disease is from 20 to 60 years, or because a person has been exposed to direct accident on the joint.



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