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A research collaboration between “Trends” and “Baghdad Corridor”

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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Trends Center for Research and Consultation signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Baghdad Corridor Center for Public Policy; With the aim of building a bridge between research collaboration in areas of common interest, conducting surveys and opinion polls, as well as strengthening the partnership between the two parties to exchange research and publications and organize joint seminars and lectures.
The memorandum was signed at a meeting held “remotely” yesterday, and it was signed on the “Trends” page by Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali, CEO, and on the “Baghdad Corridor”, Dr. Abbas Al-Anbouri, head of the center.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali expressed his ambition to strengthen research and scientific cooperation with the “Baghdad Corridor”, because the center has an important research value in the region, in addition to the vital role it plays in analyzing the strategic development at the national, regional and international levels, as well as conducting relevant research.This helps to strengthen the ability to understand the latest developments in international issues.
He stressed that “Trends” seeks to be a bridge between knowledge and academic communication between the main research and study centers at regional and international level, in addition to predicting future paths for international crises and problems and developing perceptions and proposals that help decision makers. on how to deal with them constructively.
Dr. Abbas Al-Anbouri, in turn, expressed his delight at the research and scientific collaboration with the “Trends Center”, which he considered to be a research platform that enjoys a global reputation and trust, and stressed that the collaboration with “Trends” represents a qualitative addition to the research and scientific work of the Baghdad Public Policy Corridor. He also indicated consensus of visions between the two centers on the importance of research centers in the renaissance of nations, the achievement of peace and stability and the dissemination of correct, documented knowledge based on solid scientific research.


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