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Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy Introduced by DMT to Support Sustainable Future

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Abu Dhabi Launches Dark Sky Policy to Preserve Night Sky

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has introduced the Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy with the aim of safeguarding the night sky and promoting a sustainable future for communities across the emirate. This groundbreaking initiative will be supported by an extensive awareness campaign under the theme Discover the Beauty of Abu Dhabi’s Sky, designed to educate residents and visitors on the importance of preserving the night sky.

The Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy is the first of its kind in the region and addresses the growing issue of light pollution by providing guidelines for responsible lighting practices. Aligned with the efforts of the International Dark Sky Association, the policy focuses on promoting sustainable lighting systems, protecting the natural environment and wildlife, supporting astronomical research, improving public health, and encouraging sustainable development.

Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Operations Affairs at the Department of Municipalities and Transport, emphasized the significance of the Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy in promoting a future where the beauty of the night sky is appreciated and safeguarded. He highlighted the importance of creating a balance between urban development and celestial preservation to enhance residents’ quality of life and contribute to global conservation efforts.

The policy will apply to both public and private sectors, excluding cultural events, and will target outdoor lighting equipment to ensure compliance with responsible lighting practices. Interior lighting in private spaces will also be assessed to minimize light spillage outdoors, which contributes to light pollution. Cooperation from all relevant stakeholders is crucial in implementing the policy guidelines outlined in the Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy, along with adherence to the Estidama Pearl Building Rating System.

Key measures of the policy include the use of shielded lighting, motion-activated security lighting, and a coordinated shutdown of non-security lighting at midnight. Violators of the policy will be given a grace period to adjust their lighting practices accordingly. These regulations will be enforced in public buildings, streets, parks, beaches, commercial establishments, open spaces, agricultural and industrial areas, among others.

The launch of the Abu Dhabi Dark Sky Policy demonstrates DMT’s strong commitment to preserving the night sky as a valuable cultural and environmental asset for the community.

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