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Abu Dhabi to monitor vehicle emissions using NASA technology

by Dubaiforum
Abu Dhabi Media Office

Vehicle emissions in Abu Dhabi will be remotely monitored using advanced technology.

The study led by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) will detect and quantify gas emissions from moving vehicles in real time.

The testing period will last for three weeks and will be conducted across six different locations in Abu Dhabi.

The EAD will use the patented NASA Spinoff remote-sensing system, EDAR (Emissions Detection and Reporting), which employs laser-based overhead detectors.

Through this non-intrusive technology, EAD will be able to accurately detect and quantify various gases being emitted from the tailpipe of a moving vehicle.

This is in addition to identifying the vehicle licence plate number, which is used only to acquire technical information of the vehicle, like brand, model, fuel type, emission standard and vehicle weight.

No personal data will be used in this study.

The initiative is a part of the Integrated Air Quality Management Programme established by EAD.

It will help establish a baseline for future policies and regulations, identify the main emitting vehicle classes and technologies, and help support the design of effective mitigation measures.

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