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Accreditation awarded to first-of-its-kind international fellowship program at CoxHealth

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CoxHealth Program for International Nurses Receives Accreditation

A unique program at CoxHealth that assists international nurses in adjusting to the American healthcare system has become the first of its kind to receive accreditation. The fellowship program, designed to help registered nurses from other countries acclimate to CoxHealth’s resources, equipment, and electronic health records, has been recognized for its excellence.

According to Gina Ellerbee, CoxHealth’s administrative director of Nursing Practice and Professional Development, the program has welcomed nurses from various countries such as the United Arab Emirates and the UK. These nurses bring experience from similar healthcare settings but need to adapt to the different requirements and care models in the US.

The International Nurse Fellowship Program at CoxHealth has been accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This accreditation signifies that Cox Medical Centers, including CoxHealth’s Springfield facilities, have met rigorous standards in program leadership, goals, outcomes measures, organizational enculturation, development and design, and practice-based learning.

The accreditation process involved confidential surveys of fellowship participants and meetings with various healthcare professionals. Ellerbee expressed pride in the program’s achievement, highlighting the dedication of the teams in supporting nurses as they transition to their new roles. She emphasized that not only has the program met the highest standards set by the ANCC accreditation, but it is also the only accredited international nurse fellowship program in the country.

Furthermore, employees at CoxHealth who have participated in the fellowship program have advanced to leadership and education positions within the organization. This success demonstrates the program’s effectiveness in preparing international nurses for a successful career in the American healthcare system.

Overall, CoxHealth’s International Nurse Fellowship Program’s accreditation is a testament to its commitment to excellence in supporting international healthcare professionals. It serves as a model for other organizations looking to provide comprehensive training and development opportunities for nurses from around the world.

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