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‘Advocacy for early intervention in Down Syndrome rehabilitation’

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Abu Dhabi Emphasizes Empowering People with Down Syndrome on World Down Syndrome Day

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) in Abu Dhabi highlighted the importance of empowering individuals with intellectual impairments, specifically those with Down syndrome, to aid in their integration into society and enable them to reach their full potential on World Down Syndrome Day, observed each year on March 21st.

According to ZHO, creating inclusive environments that respect diversity and provide equal opportunities to everyone is crucial. This includes enhancing access to resources, breaking down social barriers, and implementing laws and policies that ensure individuals with determination, including those with Down syndrome, have equal access to employment, education, and social participation.

On World Down Syndrome Day, ZHO revealed that it currently caters to 279 children enrolled in its care and rehabilitation centers across Abu Dhabi. Early intervention programs such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and special education play a vital role in helping individuals with Down syndrome develop the necessary skills for academic learning, social interactions, self-care, and communication.

ZHO Secretary-General Abdullah Al Hammadi stated that World Down Syndrome Day serves as an opportunity to raise awareness, show support for individuals with Down syndrome, recognize their unique talents and capabilities, and promote social inclusion and acceptance.

Moreover, the day encourages people worldwide to come together and demonstrate their solidarity with those affected by Down syndrome. Al Hammadi emphasized that by increasing knowledge about Down syndrome, progress can be made towards establishing a more inclusive and tolerant society for all individuals.

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination aims to empower and integrate People of Determination into society through engagement with the broader community and enhancing their self-confidence. Their vision is to create a more inclusive society that accepts and supports everyone, regardless of their abilities.

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