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AI Governance Alliance calls for inclusive access

by Dubaiforum

Global effort needed to create equitable access to artificial intelligence

The AI Governance Alliance (AIGA) released a series of three reports at the World Economic Forum, addressing advanced artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on generative AI governance, unlocking its value, and a framework for responsible AI development and deployment.
AIGA, a collaborative effort of governments, businesses, and experts, aims to shape responsible AI development and governance, ensuring equitable distribution and global access to this transformative technology.

Cathy Li, Head of AI, Data and Metaverse at the World Economic Forum, emphasised AIGA’s role in contributing to a more equitable and responsible global AI ecosystem. The alliance calls upon experts to address key areas, including improving data quality, boosting access to computational resources, adapting models to local needs, and enhancing local expertise for effective AI ecosystem navigation.
The briefing paper series, crafted by AIGA’s workstreams in collaboration with IBM Consulting and Accenture, explores various aspects of AI technology. It highlights the potential benefits of AI in addressing global challenges but also recognizes the risks of widening digital divides. The urgency to address the digital divide is crucial to ensure that developing countries are not left behind in the evolving landscape of AI innovation.
The first report, Generative AI Governance: Shaping Our Collective Global Future, evaluates national approaches, debates on generative AI, and advocates for international coordination and standards. The second report, Unlocking Value from Generative AI – Guidance for Responsible Transformation, guides the responsible adoption of generative AI, emphasising case-based evaluation, multistakeholder governance, transparent communication, operational structures, and value-based change management.
The third report, Presidio AI Framework: Towards Safe Generative AI Models, addresses the need for standardised perspectives on the model lifecycle, promoting shared responsibility and proactive risk management in AI development and deployment.
AIGA seeks to mobilise resources for exploring AI benefits in key sectors like healthcare and education. Notable figures, including H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications of the UAE, and Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information Communication Technology and Innovation of Rwanda, have expressed their commitment to shaping the future of AI governance and accessibility through their participation in AIGA.
IBM and Accenture, as knowledge partners, emphasize the importance of global collaboration to build ethical guardrails and policy frameworks for responsible AI development.

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