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“Al Tashkeel” .. reminiscent of the local artistic movement

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In a new look, “Al Tashkeel” magazine was published in its new issue, containing regular titles, with the aim of diversifying into articles and studies and reviewing various artistic, cultural and intellectual issues, and among these sections: “Art and Philosophy, “” Contemporary Aesthetics “and” Heritage and Art. ” , “The Issue File”, “Contemporary Arts”, “The Number Artist”, “Artist and More”, as well as “Artistic Terms” and “Tashkeel Panorama”, in addition to covering the most important events and exhibitions and keeping up to date with the most prominent topics and developments on stage, artistically and culturally. The editor-in-chief of the new magazine is led by Dr. Noha Helal Farran is a researcher and artist with a PhD. in art and art science.
The magazine “Al Tashkeel” is an important reference for artists, university students, researchers and art connoisseurs. It is quarterly and bilingual, published separately in Arabic and English.
Topics in the new issue: “Postmodern art and cultural and cognitive transformation” d. Noha Farran, Arts Terminology: The Bet of Translation and the Bet of Creativity .. Studies between action and speech, Professor Khalil Quwai`a. As for the edition file, it is about: “The Beginnings of Art in the Emirates”: Muhammad Khalifa Theban, a pioneer, teacher and founder of art education curricula. Then a topic on “expressive realism in Emirati formation”, d. Omar Abdel Aziz, and a topic entitled: Najat Makki: The Lady of Narration, d. Noha Fran.
As for the section on contemporary art, it came into being: Contemporary art in the Arab world, the critic Farouk Youssef and the section on “Philosophy and art” on: Art as a way to liberation: How can we step outside the walls? Dr. Ali Abboud, and in Contemporary Aesthetics on: “The Aesthetics of Multiple Genres: Beyond the Human Narrative of Art”, d. Amani Abu Rahma on “The Artist of the Numbers,” on: “Ali Al-Abdan : An artist and researcher in knowledge, “Dr. Noha Fran. In the formation panorama, the magazine sheds light on the most significant events, activities and exhibitions in the Emirates Society for Fine Arts, in addition to the most significant exhibitions and events in the art scene.

Development of knowledge and visual taste
The first issue of “Al Tashkeel” magazine was published in 1984, four years after the publication of the Emirates Society for Fine Arts. The UAE visual arts movement witnessed an escalation and interaction on all other cultural levels, and the first issue came at the time as a small internal bulletin for the association, the number of its pages does not exceed eight pages in black and white, designed by artist Hussein Sharif , and written by artist Abdel Rahim Salem and artist deceased Hassan Sharif. Today, the association continues to publish it in a new way based on monitoring contemporary artistic development locally and globally with the aim of spreading culture and developing knowledge and visual taste.


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