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Allo Beirut Goes ‘Back to Basics’ to Revive The Nostalgia Of The Golden Days of Lebanon

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Allo Beirut Goes ‘Back to Basics’ to Revive The Nostalgia Of The Golden Days of Lebanon

Bringing fresh produce and items from varied regions of Lebanon, The Back to Basics campaign from Allo Beirut embarks customers on a journey of culinary nostalgia!   

Allo Beirut, known for having an emotional sweet spot in the hearts of UAE residents, is launching an all-new campaign called Back to Basics. To spread the warmth of enjoying one’s childhood memories, a range of limited-edition items are being brought to the UAE, all the way from Lebanon. The award-winning, family-friendly restaurant, is taking a deep dive into cherished flavours to refresh the memory of widely loved meals and snacks back from one’s childhood. Through a journey into every loved region of Lebanon, Allo Beirut is set to revoke nostalgic memories, starting first with the Bekaa. As the first edition of the Back to Basics campaign, the limited-edition items, brought with a bundle of love from Bekaa, will be available only until the end of February. For each edition introduced every two months, Allo Beirut will be introducing a new menu with items available for both dine-in and delivery, inspired by the produce and tastes of a unique Lebanese region. The award-winning restaurant will also be selling the exclusive produce that are used creative ingredients for the limited-edition menus.


The first spot of the culinary journey starts from the heart of Bekaa, dotted with small villages known for their fresh dairy variety and Saj. Supporting the local community of the Bekaa, Allo Beirut is introducing hidden gems from local Lebanese vendors such as the Massabki, Jarjoura, and Salon Des Familles. 

With a starting price of AED 24, a range of natural and preservative-free items is now available for purchase online and in-store. Retail items include the Ariche, Cheese Baladeh, Keshek goat in oil, Labneh Baladieh, Chanklish, and Kaak B Halib. Imported fresh from the region of Bekaa, the items bring back the authentic taste of the region with a heartwarming reminder of traditionally made homemade recipes. Those who have not had the opportunity to try these directly from the source, will now get a chance to do so. 

In addition to being available for purchase, the products are also being used as ingredients to launch limited-edition items extending Allo Beirut’s widely-loved diverse menu. Inspired by some of the most recognizable regions of the Bekaa, the newly introduced dishes will embark customers on a journey of rooted authenticity sparking hidden emotions. Starting from AED 19, the limited-edition menu items will include the Ariche Plate, Labne Makdous Sandwich, Baladi Cheese Plate, Chanklish plate and more. Available for dine-in across all outlets, most items are also available for delivery.

While these special varieties are from the heart of Bekaa, Allo Beiru’s Back to Basics campaign will be returning every 2 months to highlight different regions of Lebanon. Starting first with the Bekaa, a foodie journey through one’s childhood memories will plunge into other regions including the South of Lebanon, Beirut, the Mountainous areas and more throughout the year.

By bringing the widely loved items straight from their authentic source, Allo Beirut is on a mission to unlock nostalgic memories one menu item at a time! Every step of the restaurant’s exciting journey has been planned for a food lover’s perfect rediscovery, sure to amaze anyone who has a taste for authentic Lebanese flavours. With Allo Beirut bringing the taste of a true Lebanese kitchen, residents across the UAE are sure to fall in love with their long-lost favorites all over again!

About Allo Beirut

Inspired by the street food culture of Beirut, Allo Beirut is an award-winning Lebanese street food concept. Allo Beirut, which was conceptualized in 2018 by Black Spoon group, offers nostalgic flavours of Beirut, in a fun, laid-back environment across four locations in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. Their flagship location on Hessa St. operates 24/7. Allo Beirut at City Walk and JBR also operate daily 24/7. Allo Beirut Al Warqa City Mall and Allo Beirut Abu Dhabi operate daily from 8am to 1am. All locations are available for delivery across all platforms during specific timings: Hessa Street, City Walk, and JBR 24/7, Al Warqa and Abu Dhabi  8am to 3am. The pioneering Lebanese street food concept is also expected to launch more locations in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. Allo Beirut is also part of Black Spoon Group that owns and operates Ibn Albahr, Blue Seafood Asia, Masti, Bombay Bungalow and House of Curry. 

http://www.allobeirutstreetfood.com/. 800 86234788. 


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