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Altman Seeks to Raise Billions for Network of AI Chip Factories – Economy.pk

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Sam Altman who is the CEO of OpenAI decided to use raised funds for a chip venture, to set up a series of semiconductor manufacturing facilities. According to the latest reports, Sam Altman is in contact with different investors to gather enough funds so they can set up fab chip fabrication plants.

This drive would include collaboration with different chip producers. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also Fab chips help to train and maintain AI models and the plants help to fabricate them. The news about the partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is also circulating in the air.

Sheikh Tahnoon is known as the most powerful man in the United Arab Emirates. It is still not confirmed about Sam Altman for how much he sought to raise for his new venture. But the establishment of the new venture is really expensive and difficult.

It also needs a large amount of natural resources. The competition to produce an increased number of high-performance chips for operating sophisticated AI systems has become more intense. The scarcity of manufacturing facilities equipped to produce advanced chips is compelling Altman and others to secure production capacity well in advance, even before it is required, to manufacture the latest chips.

Challenging companies like Apple necessitate having financially strong investors who are willing to cover expenses that the nonprofit organization OpenAI is currently unable to afford. There have been discussions between Altman’s project SoftBank Group and G42, an AI holding company based in Abu Dhabi, regarding the possibility of raising funds. Nvidia’s H100 processors are also utilized by AWS, Azure, and Google.

In a recent interview with The Verge reporter Alex Heath, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that Meta’s ownership of Nvidia’s H100 GPUs will exceed 340,000 by the end of this year. This significant acquisition of GPUs aligns with Meta’s commitment to advancing artificial general intelligence (AGI) development.

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