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Anwar Othman .. “The Freej Calligrapher” – Al-Ittihad Avis

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Hana Al Hammadi (Abu Dhabi)

Arabic calligraphy catches the attention of Anwar Othman from the Al Dhaid area of ​​Sharjah, where he is attracted to the different letters that embrace each other to form words, and this art stops him from reflecting on its aesthetics. Because of his passion for Arabic calligraphy, he decided to join a calligraphy institute to learn its secrets and rules and master its origins. He wished one of his sons would follow his example in that skill.
Calligrapher Anwar Othman mentions that Arabic calligraphy is an authentic art, and skills in it at the required level are not easy, and whoever wants to master it must embody his skills and unleash his innate talent that must be present, and through which creativity is expressed. . He adds: Arabic calligraphy differs from the rest of the fonts because it pays homage to letters, and each letter has a unique privacy and formations with aesthetic dimensions. Here, talent and art are born in the calligraphy in his attempt to show the letters in their best suit, where the challenge arises with the self and with the letters with their formations and curves. The Arabic calligraphy derives its beauty from the aesthetics of the letters, as well as the style and writing mechanism that characterizes the Arabic calligraphy by its dependence on the reeds of varying size and varying angles. This is what we do not find in the pen, just as writing with the reed is an art in itself and has a role in highlighting the aesthetics of calligraphy and depicting it smoothly.

  • A passion that follows him to this day (Photo: Ehsan Nagy)
    A passion that follows him to this day (Photo: Ehsan Nagy)

Anwar Othman learned various manuscripts, such as the Ruqa’ah, Naskh and Diwani manuscripts, and al-Diwani al-Jali, and he is more inclined to the Ruqa’a and Diwani manuscripts.
He says: The Diwani scripture is characterized by its beautifully rounded and its coherence in one coherent path, with the exception of some letters that should deviate slightly from their natural path. It is also characterized by flexibility, streamlining and beauty.
Calligrapher Anwar mentions that he was famous in the Al Dhaid region for his “school supplies.” Parents used to accept him in the seventies and eighties of the last century because of the excellence of his calligraphy when he became famous among the people of the Freej. He points out that he enjoyed working on “Wasail” for Freej’s sons and on writing poems, wisdom and proverbs, as he always tended to use Chinese ink to write Arabic calligraphy for its artistic aesthetics.

photography hobby
Calligrapher Anwar Othman has a hobby of making video recordings for celebrations and happy occasions. He currently owns 500 videos that contain many beautiful memories from the Al Dhaid area.


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