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AR and AVR Labs collaborate to implement AI-Powered AR Navigation in the Gulf Region.

by Dubaiforum

ARway, a leading augmented reality (AR) navigation platform, has announced a significant partnership with AVR Labs, a prominent XR technology company based in the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration aims to expand ARway’s distribution channel and leverage AVR Labs’ extensive presence across the Middle East, catering to diverse clients including universities and government ministries.

AVR Labs will now act as a recognized partner of ARway in the Gulf Region, implementing ARway’s cutting-edge technology for a variety of customer projects. With expertise in AI, AR, and VR technology, AVR Labs specializes in creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences. One of their notable projects is AR VIEWZ GPT, an augmented reality GPT that facilitates dynamic, conversational interactions within AR environments.

The partnership between ARway and AVR Labs intends to integrate these AR GPTs into the ARway platform, enhancing AR navigation experiences by introducing conversational AI avatars. These avatars, accessible via visual marker scans, will function as interactive tour guides, offering personalized navigation assistance and enriching user interactions within AR spaces. ARway’s Chief Executive Officer, Evan Gappelberg, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, ‘This partnership expands ARway’s distribution channel, leveraging AVR Labs’ extensive presence across the Middle East and its diverse clientele, which includes universities and government ministries.’

Overall, this partnership marks a significant advancement for ARway in expanding its presence in the Gulf Region and enhancing its AR navigation platform with innovative conversational AI capabilities. By combining ARway’s expertise in AR navigation with AVR Labs’ proficiency in AI and immersive experiences, the two companies aim to deliver cutting-edge AR experiences that seamlessly blend navigation and interactive AI avatars. This collaboration promises to transform the way users navigate and interact within AR environments, offering a more engaging and personalized experience.

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