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Astra Tech partners with Al Etihad Payments

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MENA-based consumer technology holding group Astra Tech has partnered with Al Etihad Payments to offer support for the Aani instant payments platform.

Managed by Al Etihad Payments, Aani enables instant, secure, and 24/7 digital payments processing. Moreover, it simplifies the payment process by facilitating instant fund transfers using recipients’ mobile numbers, emails, or QR codes, eliminating the need for complex IBANs.

Aani also offers features such as Proxy Payments, QR-code-based payments, Request to Pay, and Split Bills, positioning it as an advanced payment technology. It allows secure real-time account-to-account payments within the UAE, simplifying transactions for consumers and businesses. In its initial phase, Aani facilitates instant peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers from wallets or bank accounts to any participant bank account using mobile numbers as identifiers. Future plans include the introduction of QR code-based payments, direct debits, and e-cheques.

MENA-based consumer technology holding group Astra Tech has partnered with Al Etihad Payments to offer support for the Aani instant payments platform.

How to activate Aani on Botim 

Activating Aani on Botim involves three steps: accessing the ‘Botim Money’ page, selecting ‘Send Money via Aani,’ and activation. Once linked to the user’s Botim Pay wallet, Aani enables direct money transfers into recipients’ bank accounts. Users can transact with others who have activated Aani, either on Botim or any other platform. If the recipient hasn’t activated Aani, Botim will transfer the money as a regular local transfer into their wallet. 

In the company press release, officials from Al Etihad Payments emphasised the significance of Aani in reshaping digital payments and advancing the UAE’s vision of reducing cash reliance. The integration of Aani with Botim aims to improve user experience and to underscore a commitment to technological advancement. Continued collaboration aims to explore additional features and functionalities.

More information about Astra Tech 

Astra Tech has emerged as an important fintech company in the MENA region, offering a comprehensive suite of digital financial services for consumers and merchants. Alongside instant P2P transfers, the Ultra app provides international remittances and prepaid card products. Botim’s fintech offerings prioritise inclusivity, innovation, and security, contributing to the transition towards a cashless economy in the UAE.  

In 2022, the group acquired PayBy, Rizek, and the VoIP app Botim, consolidating them under the Botim brand to create the Ultra app. Today, Botim operates in 155 countries, providing free end-to-end encrypted VoIP calling and integrating additional services such as international money transfers, bill payments, and UAE visa services.

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