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‘Automated Refueling Technology for Vehicles’

by Dubaiforum

Artificial Intelligence-powered robots have made their debut at filling stations in Abu Dhabi, revolutionizing the way vehicles are refueled. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has rolled out a groundbreaking pilot project that introduces a robotic fueling arm to take over the refueling process from human attendants at gas stations.

The cutting-edge technology was showcased at ADNOC’s Ulrim Island petrol station, aiming to enhance staff productivity and reduce waiting times for customers. The robotic arm, equipped with computer vision technology, promises to be fast and environmentally friendly, offering automated vehicle refueling.

Utilizing sensors and cameras, the robotic arm autonomously approaches the vehicle, opens the fuel tank cap, and adjusts the nozzle’s direction to fill the car. This innovative approach not only streamlines the refueling process but also demonstrates the potential of AI in transforming traditional industries.

With AI-powered robots taking the forefront in refueling operations, the future of filling stations in Abu Dhabi is set to embrace efficiency and innovation. The introduction of this groundbreaking technology marks a significant step towards a smarter and more automated approach to fueling vehicles.

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