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Awareness of proper waste management in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi’s municipal municipality in the Department of Municipalities and Transportation, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, implemented a joint electronic information campaign for the community targeting property owners and community members; To encourage them to undertake to place the waste in the appropriate containers.
This campaign comes within the framework of Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s zeal to improve the overall aesthetic and civilized appearance, while protecting the health of the community and the safety of its members, as well as increasing the level of community awareness of the right and healthy. handling of different types of waste and waste.
The campaign included the sending of thousands of information text messages with the aim of improving community communication with all sections of society, providing various community and information services, in order to preserve health, safety and the environment and emphasizing the need to comply with applicable laws. in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to preserve the civilized appearance of the Emirate.
Within this framework, Abu Dhabi City Council called on all sections of the community to contribute to the improvement of public appearance and support the values ​​of public health and safety by committing to placing waste in designated areas, disposing of waste in a healthy manner and promoting social responsibility in this regard.
The municipality also emphasized the need for construction sites and project managers to commit to the proper disposal of construction waste by transporting and unloading it in ways that protect the environment and public health, and to follow best practices regarding the transport of this waste and its treatment in accordance with environmental and health requirements and the protection of public appearance.


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