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‘Bluegrass Live for Small Businesses’

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Netnology, a leading Solution & Software integrator, has been chosen to join the Cisco Digital Solutions Integrator (DSI) Partner Program. This prestigious program helps Cisco customers achieve their desired business outcomes by partnering with trusted advisors like Netnology who engage with customers at a consulting and deep systems integration level.

As part of the DSI Partner Program, Netnology will work closely with Cisco to deliver top-notch digital solutions integration capabilities across all business operations. By qualifying for this program, Netnology is being recognized for its continuous investment and commitment to providing expert digital solutions.

To join the Cisco DSI Partner Program, companies must undergo rigorous capability assessments and demonstrate expertise in multi-vendor digital solutions. Netnology has shown its dedication to customer satisfaction through ongoing measurements and significant investments in enhancing its capabilities.

Netnology specializes in Software Defined (SDx), Cloud, Security, and Full-Stack Observability (FSO) solutions. The company was established in 2017 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, with regional offices in Dallas, Texas, Reston, Virginia, and Dubai, UAE. Netnology also operates a Netnology SDx Innovation Labs (nSIL) in Dallas.

For more information about Netnology, visit www.netnology.io or contact info@netnology.io.Cisco Systems, Inc., a multinational digital communications technology corporation based in San Jose, California, is a key player in the industry, developing, manufacturing, and selling networking hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment.

The collaboration between Netnology and Cisco through the DSI Partner Program is expected to bring innovative digital solutions to customers and drive the digital transformation conversation to new levels. This partnership signifies Netnology’s commitment to delivering top-notch results and enhancing its digital capabilities in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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