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Build A Historic Skyscraper In The Middle Of A Cowboy Town

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The United States is one of the pioneers in terms of skyscrapers, and despite taking a backseat when it comes to the luxurious architectural structures of countries like China or Dubai, the US still maintains its intention to position itself among the 5 most iconic and tallest buildings in the world.

The tallest building in the world, in the land of oil and desert

When thinking about skyscrapers in the United States, the first cities that a person might think of are New York, Los Angeles, and even Chicago, but the place where they are made is very different from what you might think. It will be Oklahoma City.

At the moment, it is the tallest building in the city The one in question is one that belongs to the headquarters of the famous company, Devon Energy Center. It is 257 meters tall, with 50 floors that make up the current tallest building, the same one that was inaugurated in 2011. However, a new project is about to take this previous one off the map.

“Legends Tower” is the name that this proud project will have, located on the banks of the canal that was inaugurated in 1999, the Bricktown Canal, a very touristic area because of the famous high-end shops and luxury restaurants. and great architectural wonders.

The United States wants to build a historic skyscraper—more than 500 meters

The construction of the said skyscraper should have been approvedHowever, how long the antennas measure is still in doubt. This translates into what will soon place it as the fifth largest building in the world and the tallest in the United States because it will be 1,750 meters high; we are talking about 533 meters, not counting the possible changes made. .

If the expansion request is approved, this luxurious architectural projection will reach 1,907 feet, becoming 581 meters. This high height will make this project surpass the One World Trade Center, which is located between the visited and tourist streets of New York.

The details of this project will change the land of those.

The purpose of this vast construction is not only to place itself among the five largest buildings in the world but also to promote tourism and hospitality in the area. For this reason, it is necessary that the building have a long list of demands made of it, making it one of the most exclusive buildings in the country.

It’s the same with a high level of tourism because it is estimated that the building will contain an attractive observation platform, a bar, and a restaurant to create a complete tourist gem and thus attract many tourists with its charm. However, all this is questioned after a unique article in World-Archutects.

Despite the great hopes of building a large skyscraper, everything collapsed after a new note from World-Architects made a devastating criticism of the continuation of this plan: “It remains to be seen if the tallest tower in the United States is “just a publicity stunt or if the team will be able to continue its dream,” discarding many illusions created with the expectations of this project.

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