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Cancer treatment complications can be avoided with early intervention

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Professor Humaid bin Harmal Al Shamsi, President of the Emirates Oncology Society, confirmed to Al Bayan that cancer patients are exposed to many complications during treatment, including heart complications, which are managed directly and simply so that there is no risk to the person’s health by , to point out that it is imperative to recognize the importance of early detection of cardiac risk factors, family predisposition to heart disease, and clinical factors such as the effects of pressure and diabetes on the heart and vessels, all of which increase the rate of exposure to chemotherapy. and radiation therapy to the heart and blood vessels.

He pointed out that several studies have revealed the effect of cancer treatments on heart health, but with the development of cancer treatment, the patient can avoid these side complications through early medical intervention.

He also pointed out that the role of the attending physician lies in knowing the risk of a cancer patient suffering from heart problems, and in working with the cardiologist to follow up on the patient’s condition and avoid these unwanted side complications, or treat it as soon as possible. through early diagnosis to achieve an effective result.


He added: “Through medical experiments, through which patients were evaluated accurately, when complications in general for cancer patients while receiving treatment, 80 to 90 percent, as expected, and about 10 to 20 percent are considered serious complications. The only thing I tell patients , is not to be scared or anxious in case of complications during the treatment period, which is considered quite strong, and complications are part of the treatment journey. ”


On the other hand, Professor Abdullah Shehab, a consulting cardiologist, said: “Cancer patients who receive their treatment, especially chemotherapy or radiation, are exposed to heart complications, which are the effect on the arteries, heart muscles, electricity, of the heart, or even the outer wall. of the heart .. Therefore, the medical staff is undoubtedly diligent in the continuous and persistent follow-up of cancer patients, and the follow-up of the heart enzymes through the “sonar” and electrocardiogram process.

He added: “From this point of view, the medical responsibility lies in the collaboration between the attending physician and the cardiologist to treat and remedy these complications, or to avoid them by dispensing certain drugs or detecting the disease early to avoid aggravating his condition and giving the patient ability to recover with minimal damage and without complications.


Professor Humaid bin Harmal Al Shamsi said: The main causes of cancer are genetics and family history, which account for 10-15% of all types of cancer, adding: Aging is also one of the factors that increases the incidence of cancer.



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