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‘City Reveals Comprehensive Plan for Development’

by Dubaiforum

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is embarking on a new journey to revitalize its rural areas with the development of a comprehensive master plan. This initiative aims to boost economic growth, enhance infrastructure, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

The master plan will cover a wide range of factors, including land-use strategies, economic development projects, housing solutions, transportation improvements, and plans to promote tourism in rural areas. By focusing on these key areas, the RAK government aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural development and create a more balanced and sustainable future for the Emirate.

Highlighting the importance of rural communities, a government spokesperson emphasized their rich heritage and immense growth potential. The master plan signifies a commitment to unlocking this potential while preserving the unique character of these regions.

A crucial aspect of the plan will be to stimulate economic activity in rural areas by supporting agricultural development, eco-tourism ventures, and attracting small and medium-sized businesses through incentives. By creating new job opportunities, the plan aims to prevent rural-to-urban migration and build a vibrant and self-sufficient rural society.

Infrastructure development is another key focus of the master plan, involving upgrades to transportation networks, rural roads, and potentially establishing public transport options. These improvements will enhance accessibility and connectivity between rural and urban areas, facilitating the movement of goods and services and strengthening social connections.

Sustainable development is a guiding principle of the master plan, with initiatives to promote environmental preservation, responsible resource management, sustainable agricultural practices, and renewable energy sources. By adopting a sustainable approach, the RAK government aims to ensure that rural development benefits future generations.

Consultations with stakeholders, including residents, local businesses, and environmental experts, will be a key part of developing the master plan. This collaborative approach will ensure that the plan meets the specific needs and aspirations of those most affected by its implementation, demonstrating the government’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

By launching this ambitious master plan, Ras Al Khaimah is demonstrating its commitment to fostering balanced and sustainable development in all its regions. The revitalization of rural areas sets the stage for a more prosperous and inclusive future for all citizens.

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