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“Collaboration between Scientists Aims to Protect Falcons”

by Dubaiforum

The Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund is set to sponsor a three-year research project by the Peregrine Fund to examine the impact of climate change on falcons living near the polar ice caps. By focusing on the gyrfalcon, the largest falcon species that dwells near the north and south poles, researchers aim to unravel population dynamics and prioritize conservation efforts.

Heather Meuleman of the Peregrine Fund emphasized the significance of studying raptors as apex predators to gain insights into entire ecosystems. Munir Virani, the Chief Operating Officer of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund, stressed the importance of understanding how climate change affects these majestic birds to guide conservation actions.

The Archives of Falconry at the World Center for Birds of Prey, just south of Boise, serves as a hub for falconry history and conservation efforts. The partnership between Abu Dhabi and Boise dates back to the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who initiated the first falconry conference in 1976.

The collaboration between Abu Dhabi and Boise continues today, with the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund supporting the renovation of the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Wing in the Archives of Falconry. This long-standing tradition of using falcons for hunting and sustenance remains integral to Arabian culture and heritage.

While the Archives of Falconry undergoes renovations and is expected to reopen later this summer, the World Center for Birds of Prey recently completed an expansion, leading to a surge in visitor numbers over the past year. This ongoing dedication to falcon conservation and research highlights the enduring legacy of Sheikh Zayed and Professor Tom Cade in preserving these magnificent birds for future generations.

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