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Collaboration in Precision Medicine Advancements

by Dubaiforum

Abu Dhabi-based health powerhouse M42 has recently partnered with global biopharmaceutical leader, AstraZeneca, to advance preventive healthcare and precision medicine in the Middle East region. This collaboration will focus on conducting sequencing of hereditary breast cancer genes to develop personalized care and prevention strategies tailored to individual patient needs.

M42’s advanced multi-omics sequencing capabilities in oncological diagnostics will play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes in the face of rising cancer cases worldwide. By facilitating the sequencing of cancer genes, M42 aims to make it easier to determine each patient’s hereditary risk for cancer, enabling early preventive interventions or even pre-cancer investigations.

The partnership with AstraZeneca will also introduce one of the first companion diagnostics programs in the Gulf, allowing for optimized patient-specific medication-based therapies based on the results. Dr. Fahed Al Marzooqi, Deputy Group Chief Operating Officer at M42, emphasized the organization’s commitment to innovation in reshaping the future of health through next-generation preventive and precision medicine.

The sequencing will take place at M42’s Omics Center of Excellence, a leading multi-omics research facility globally with a focus on generating advanced genomics knowledge. This facility has already been instrumental in supporting initiatives like the Emirati Genome Programme (EGP), highlighting M42’s position as a key player in advancing genomic research and precision medicine in the region.

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