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Colombia’s Pacific Region: A must-visit paradise

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March 16, 2022: Since the start of Expo 2020 Dubai, people
from all over the world have been descending on the site of the latest edition
of the world exposition, the biggest of its kind during this pandemic era, to
take part in the historic mammoth event. Among the 192 country pavilions
featured in the event, the Colombia Pavilion is a crowd-puller– attracting
visitors of diverse nationalities who want to discover the country, considered
the gateway to South America, and explore what makes it highly culturally and
geographically diverse.

When visiting the
pavilion, people are acquainted with Colombia’s heritage and history while
being immersed in numerous activities that will help them experience the
country’s macro-regions and their respective historic sites, spectacular landscapes
and off-the-beaten-track adventures, among others.  

Colombia’s Pacific
Region is particularly popular among tourists who love nature. Located on the
nation’s western, Pacific coast, the 83,170-square-kilometer region stands out
due to the unique contrast between its beaches’ dark sand and thick green
foliage, the spirited rhythms of the currulao music, and its breathtaking sceneries.

The must-visit
paradise, which is bounded by the Gulf of Urabá in the north and Ecuador in the
south, is known to have high humidity and precipitation. The region also covers
part of the departments of Nariño, Cauca and Valle de Cauca and the whole of
Chocó Department.

Its famous Bahía
Solano town attracts visitors from all over the world as well. Tourists visit the
town to discover its jungle, coral, mangroves, and diverse animal life, as well
as find migratory bird species, turtles, and the majestic humpback whales that travel
from Antarctica between July and October to give birth in the Pacific Region’s
warm waters.

Apart from Bahía
Solano, the region’s other top attractions include Nuquí beach, which is an ideal
venue for water sports, snorkeling, and ecotourism activities; the Tumaco
municipality, the pearl of the Pacific whose culture is heavily influenced by
African culture and that of the indigenous communities based in the El Morro,
El Bajito, and Bocagrande beaches; and lowland forests and waterfalls.

The Pacific coast is
renowned not only for its traditions but also for its music that reflects the
area’s African heritage, which is celebrated during the Petronio Álvarez
Pacific Music Festival. The festival is held annually in the city of Santiago
de Cali. As for the region’s delicious cuisines, some of the most popular are aborrajado
de pescado (battered fish), crab empanadas, quebrado, and los huevos de

Considered as one of
the world’s most diverse areas, the Pacific Region is ready to captivate any
tourists who are willing and eager to visit its shores.


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