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Compare Toyota Raize and Suzuki Fronx: Specifications, Prices, and More

by Dubaiforum

The UAE is witnessing a surge in traffic and population growth, leading to a rise in demand for compact crossovers. These versatile SUVs offer a mix of agility and space, making them perfect for navigating busy streets while providing a commanding view of the road.

This week, DubiCars is comparing two popular contenders in the UAE’s compact crossover segment: the Toyota Raize and the Suzuki Fronx. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to determine which one stands out.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Dimensions**

When it comes to dimensions, the Toyota Raize boasts a larger overall size compared to the Suzuki Fronx, resulting in a more spacious cabin. Additionally, the Raize offers more cargo capacity and superior ground clearance, making it better suited for rough terrains.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Exterior Design**

Both the Raize and Fronx sport a classic crossover look with stylish features such as body cladding, alloy wheels, and two-tone paint options. However, the Raize leans towards a more traditional SUV design, appealing to buyers seeking a bolder aesthetic.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Interiors & Features**

In terms of interior features, both the Toyota Raize and Suzuki Fronx cater to the compact crossover segment with a range of amenities. The Fronx shines in climate control, offering automatic climate control and rear AC vents, which are essential in the UAE’s hot climate.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Engine & Performance**

The Fronx takes the lead in fuel efficiency with its mild hybrid system, balancing power and economy effectively. On the other hand, the Raize delivers more power with its turbocharged petrol engine, appealing to enthusiasts seeking a sportier drive. Additionally, the Raize offers a budget-friendly option with a smaller engine for those prioritizing affordability.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Safety**

In terms of safety features, the Suzuki Fronx outshines the Raize with a comprehensive package, including a 360-degree camera, head-up display, and six airbags, enhancing both protection and driving convenience.

**Toyota Raize Vs Suzuki Fronx: Price**

If you prioritize a sportier and more spacious ride, the Toyota Raize could be the ideal choice with its turbocharged petrol engine and larger size. Prices for the Raize range from AED 61,900 to AED 66,900. On the other hand, the Suzuki Fronx caters to comfort, efficiency, and safety at a more budget-friendly price range of AED 53,000 to AED 60,000.

In conclusion, both the Toyota Raize and Suzuki Fronx offer unique advantages, appealing to different preferences in the compact crossover segment. Whether you prioritize space, performance, or affordability, these two contenders have something to offer for every type of driver in the UAE.

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