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DIHAD Foundation, Axios International partner to provide medical supplies globally

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DUBAI, 3rd July, 2022 (WAM) — DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation has signed an agreement with Axios International establishing a partnership as part of their ForeverCare Initiative to promote philanthropy and humanitarian work.

The agreement promotes their joint efforts to assist those in need by providing them with the necessary medicines, which boost their chances of a better and more speedy recovery.

The landmark agreement aligns with the UAE’s approach for humanitarian efforts aimed at providing treatment to patients in need via sustainable solutions, and ensure stability of charity work in the medical field.

The agreement provides for cooperation to exchange expertise in the humanitarian field between the two parties and to spread awareness regarding the importance of providing medicine to countries in need. It is also designed to provide medicines, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid through its network of specialists in the field.

Ambassador Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Roving Ambassador for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean for the GCC and Chairman of DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation, stated, “This agreement comes as an effort by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation to strengthen formal and fraternal ties between various humanitarian and health sectors through the ForeverCare Initiative, which provides medicine, medical supplies, and many other forms of humanitarian assistance to countries annually. Our aim is to improve access to innovative treatment and medicines for low-income communities around the world, especially for those who cannot afford treatment for their illness.”

Al Madani added, “This agreement will also help identify the challenges facing the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in general, and work to find appropriate solutions and advanced mechanisms of action in accordance with global standards, which is an excellent example of partnerships between different sectors that show a joint commitment towards enhanced patient care. This will help to provide wider access to innovative medication for those who are affected, ultimately giving them greater hope for a better life.”

The ForeverCare Initiative, which collects medicines and medical supplies from companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide them to countries in need, was launched during the 18th edition of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD).

ForeverCare is organised in cooperation with the Dubai International Pharmaceutical & Technologies Conference & Exhibition – DUPHAT, and in partnership with the Waterfalls Initiative for Continuous Education from the UAE to the World.

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