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Discoveries in Uzbekistan to be Showcased by Sharjah Archaeology

by Dubaiforum

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority is set to host an exhibition in Uzbekistan featuring archaeological findings from the Emirate of Sharjah. The exhibition, to be held at the Silk Road House in Samarkand from April 18 to May 22, 2024, will showcase 121 unique artefacts spanning various historical periods in Sharjah’s history.

Eisa Yousif, the Director-General of the Sharjah Archaeology Authority, highlighted the significance of the exhibition in promoting cooperation in archaeological research and cultural heritage exchange. The curated selection of artefacts on display will provide visitors with insights into the rich cultural and historical aspects of the UAE, specifically focusing on the Emirate of Sharjah’s diverse heritage.

Samarkand was chosen as the location for the exhibition due to its historical importance on the Silk Road, serving as a hub for scientific and cultural exchange between the East and the West. The artefacts to be exhibited include a collection of coins used in trade along the Silk Road, pottery from the Mleiha region, and other significant archaeological discoveries that shed light on Sharjah’s past commercial activities.

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority has a track record of organizing successful international exhibitions in countries like Japan, Spain, and Belgium. Their participation in exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as the National Museum of Beijing and the National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon has garnered recognition and accolades for their efforts in showcasing the rich heritage of Sharjah.

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