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Doctors in Dubai extract “antlers” from a patient’s kidney

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Doctors at Dubai Hospital managed to save the life of a 50-year-old patient who for several years had suffered from severe pain in the flank area due to large stones in his left kidney.

The patient underwent a complex operation to break up and remove the stones, which are medically known as “antlers”, due to their large size and branches.

The patient was referred to several hospitals in different European countries, but they refused to treat him due to his morbid obesity (180 kg), which poses a danger to his life, especially as the stones branched from the renal pelvis and extended with appendages in the kidneys pockets , which made extraction very difficult due to the possibility of bleeding.

The consultant from the Department of Urology, Dr. Friborz Bagheri, who supervised the medical team, said the patient visited Dubai Hospital and suffered from severe pain in the flank area and discomfort due to his inability to lose weight while the size of the gravel grew until it reached a diameter of seven centimeters, and branched out to take the form of “antlers,” which helped occupy most of the renal cavities (about 10 inches long).

He added that the patient began to suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, which began to put an extra strain on his daily life.

He stated that the medical team performed the necessary laboratory examinations and CT scans for the patient in the departments of urology, cardiology, thoracic diseases and anesthesia before undergoing surgery to remove stones.

Bagheri said the challenge for the medical team was the patient’s overweight obesity as he remained lying on his stomach throughout the operation, using the laparoscope through a small opening to break the stones into small pieces and pull them completely out of cavities in the kidneys.

He explained that the patient left the hospital on the third day of the operation and is in good health without any negative complications, noting that this type of gravel is usually extracted in several stages due to its large size but the efficiency of the medical team. and the availability of modern devices and technologies made it possible to extract the stones in one step.

Dr. Maryam Al Raisi, CEO of Dubai Hospital, stressed that these surgeries require skill and experience in dealing with complex pathological cases, and pointed to the diagnostic and therapeutic services that the hospital provides patients in various medical specialties, which effectively help to improve the competitiveness of the healthcare system in Dubai.

She said that the National Board of Health uses the latest technologies and smart solutions and is committed to attracting prominent medical competencies and utilizing their expertise to serve patients to achieve the best results.

Hospitals in European countries refused to treat the patient because of his morbid obesity.

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