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Dubai architects come up with stunning design of giant 550-metre-tall ring encircling Burj Khalifa

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An architectural firm from Dubai has proposed a mind-blowing concept that will change the face of Dubai.

Znera Space, a firm specializing in radical architectural masterpieces, has announced that a giant circular structure known as the Downtown Circle will surround the Burj Khalifa.

Downtown Circle will be a 550-meter-high ring with residential buildings, as well as public, commercial and cultural spaces. The architects believe that the planned project will shift the focus from traditional high-rises and gated communities with the main goal of sustainable development.

Znera Space said on Instagram: “As an answer to the dilemma of how to build densely while maintaining the convenience of life, the Downtown Circle project creates a sustainable and self-sufficient vertical urbanism.

“As a single mega-construction complex, it aims to create an ultra-efficient urban center that pays tribute to the environment. The proposed megastructure with a height of 550 meters offers an alternative to single and unrelated high-rise buildings found in most megacities.”

The architecture soars over the center of Dubai and wraps around the Burj Khalifa, attracting the most invigorating views and fresh and clean air from the Skypark, a place with various natural scenarios and climate that forms the central ridge of the development.

In the Skypark, visitors and residents can get acquainted with canyons, sand dunes and plants from various types of flora. Swamps, waterfalls and tropical vegetation or digital caves, cascades, fruit trees and flowers of various shades and types together enrich the green ecosystem.

The graphic illustration shows a surreal structure above the center of Dubai, and it is believed that its circumference will be 3 kilometers.

Znera Space co-founders Najmus Choudry and Niels Crafts, who often focus on experimental architecture exploring and solving social boundaries and environmental issues, have developed an ambitious project.

The founders stated that the futuristic Downtown Circle plan was invented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Five vertical beams or columns 500 meters high would support the city Center.

The span of the circle itself will consist of two main rings held together by a continuous green belt called Skypark.

Znera Space said: “A fleet of suspended peripheral capsules transports passengers from one hub to another in the city center. These outboard vessels travel along a network of rails on the lower tier to reach their destination.”

If the project gets the green light, it will definitely change the face of Dubai.


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