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“Dubai Charity” develops services and updates its website

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The Dubai Charity Association has announced the update of its existing website to offer a wide range of electronic services and user-friendly features according to the highest standards and specifications to serve its donors and recipients of its various programs and projects.

Through its new website, which has been changed from www.dubaicharity.ae to www.dubaicharity.org, “Dubai Charity” offers a range of electronic services that provide easy access for donors.

The new “site”, which is characterized by easy and fast access to content, provides the service of receiving donations in digital currencies and paying with ease through the Dubai Smart Government portal, “Google Pay” and “Apple Pay”, in addition to the possibility of quick talk in the “WhatsApp” association For customer service for quick support, answering inquiries, receiving inquiries about donations etc.

On this occasion, Khaled Al Olama, the general secretary of the association, said: “Updating the association’s website came as one of the most important means of communication with donors and recipients, and as a result of a continuous process and according to a well-thought-out plan that ensures its users can easily browse the website and get the necessary information in an easy and hassle-free way.

He added: “We strive to provide the best electronic services to our broad community of users and resellers, and that’s what we seek to achieve by updating and developing the website in form and content and launching it in a new, highly developed way. , which included all means of technical communication in various forms and purposes, by taking advantage of the existing experience we have.

Al Olama said: “We are confident that the new and updated electronic features and services provided by the developed site will help provide added value to our permanent partners of donors and white-handers, as well as the cases are registered with us in association, and other cases that we present to them through various exchange channels, and provide information The various information about the association, its activities, programs, results and success stories in an easy, clear and fast way.



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