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Dubai is approaching the title as the global city of the future

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Yahoo confirmed the fierce competition between Dubai and Singapore for the title of future global city, according to a report published by the website yesterday.

It is noteworthy that the report of the famous website is not the first of its kind indicating that the competition for the title as the global city of the future is limited between Dubai and Singapore. US Fortune »earlier this year reported on the competition between Dubai and Singapore.

The Yahoo report reviewed the similarities and differences between the two cities, stating that both cities began their renaissance as a small city with limited space and population, and then began the journey of its renaissance in an accelerating manner until it became a global city in the literal meaning of the word, where residents of almost the world live in search of opportunities for a better life for themselves and their families, explaining that both cities are not rich in natural resources, but despite that they were able to start a successful renaissance.

He added that Dubai and Singapore are similar in their foresight for the future and their eagerness to anticipate it through efforts to transform into a smart city by applying the elements of smart cities in public life, starting with smart transport and automated policing in the streets and roads, and ends with the digitization of public services.

The report reviewed the differences and stated that Dubai appears more liberal and open as it is more open, which was evident in the speed with which Dubai reopened its borders after closing it for a short period due to the outbreak of “Covid”, while Singapore is still closing its borders for the time being.

He added that this openness on the part of Dubai also applies to digital currencies, as Dubai is much more open to these currencies than Singapore, as it allowed many digital currency trading platforms to open headquarters in the emirate over the last few months, most prominent was «Binance, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, is the world’s largest crypto-assets exchange in terms of trading volume.
The report added that Dubai has become far more competitive in terms of providing a high standard of living to its residents.



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