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Dubai Returns to Normalcy After Worst Floods in 75 Years

by Dubaiforum

Severe flooding in Dubai, the worst in 75 years, has returned to normal today, according to a Malaysian citizen working there. Sara, as she is known, reported that the schools, which were closed last night, have reopened and the roads in her residential area are now dry.

Sara described the rainfall that caused the flash floods as extremely severe, resembling a tsunami that hit the area last night. She mentioned that it was the heaviest rain in 75 years, but today the situation has improved and returned to normal. “If it rains here, it’s like a tsunami, even cooler than in Malaysia,” she said, adding that her house was also flooded.

Sara had returned to Malaysia to celebrate Hari Raya but had to go back to Dubai as her child started school last Monday. Another Malaysian citizen in Dubai, Fikri Mohamad, reported that many vehicles were stranded due to the flooded roads while he was on his way to work.

Fikri tried to pass through a flooded area but decided to turn back upon the advice of his supervisor for safety concerns. He shared his experience on Facebook along with pictures of the flooded area.

Dubai, a global financial center, was hit by flash floods on Tuesday, with the highest recorded rainfall since 1949, before the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1971. Flights to Dubai had to be diverted temporarily, and some areas experienced nearly a year’s worth of rain in just one day.

Efforts to clean up the city were underway, with water still lingering in some areas. Social media has been flooded with posts about the Dubai floods, shocking many with videos of the inundated areas. The images of people stranded at Dubai Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, have also circulated on social media. The situation is gradually returning to normal in Dubai after the devastating floods. (SEO Keywords: Dubai floods, severe flooding, Malaysia citizen, flash floods, rainfall, normalcy restored, evacuation, safety concerns, social media, Dubai Airport)

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