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Dubai’s Hatta To Play A Key Role In Metaverse Journey To Mars

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Everdome unveils Hatta mission launch site as it plans to take users on a virtual journey from Earth to Mars

Everdome, which aims to create the most hyper-realistic metaverse environments, has announced Hatta as its mission launch site as it plans to take users on a journey from Earth to Mars. The company said that it will use the mountainous region of Hatta in Dubai as it brings brands and people together to create the most realistic web3 experience.

Set to launch in three phases throughout 2022, phase 1 of Everdome’s metaverse project includes the pre-launch phase, during which users can explore the launch room and learn more about space exploration and the journey to come. Phases 2 and 3 will continue the Everdome journey, from mission launch and life aboard the vessel, through to landing and settling on Mars.

“Our goal is to introduce the metaverse to the public in a way that it can be understood by everyone. We’re making considered decisions to open the metaverse gateway as wide as possible, removing as many accessibility limitations as we can. One way we’re doing this is by setting the launch phase in Dubai’s Hatta region. As a global landmark for tourism, innovation, and space exploration, Dubai was a natural choice for Everdome’s phase 1. Advertising in the metaverse provides the opportunity for an even deeper level of connection with current and potential consumers. This is the next frontier of customer engagement, and there’s no time like the present to start branching out into the metaverse,” said Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder, Everdome and Metahero.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Everdome said it will deliver a real-world-extended experience – pulling on the talents and vision of renowned concept artists, game creators, 3D designers, Hollywood VFX specialists, urban planning professionals and a marketing team.

Choosing Dubai as the launch site is part of Everdome’s ambition to drive mass metaverse adoption by creating a game that is accessible and understandable.


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